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Oct 10, 2019
Once again, let me put it in different words. Let's imagine I had an uncle with a business online who gets it and wants to put SQRL on the site and incorporated into the business... if he were to ask me "Who do I contact to get it done?", I wouldn't be able to provide an answer?
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Vela Nanashi

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May 19, 2018
Currently he can come here, and ask, and participate. I do not have any better answer than that right now.

However even though the clients seem rather ready, we still need more easy server implementations, some of them are being worked on, a few are probably functional, like the wordpress plugin, others may be developing not on these forums but other places like the newsgroup and each developers own github or such.

For this place I think we need to set up more sub forums for each of them and organize sticky threads with links.

So far nobody is getting paid for any of the development, so they do it on their own time(when they have any free time), for free, so that will take longer, since people got to eat and stuff.

However I think things are moving along at a decent rate.
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