We're at Release #67 (GRC's SQRL client 2nd release candidate)

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May 20, 2018
fyi: The installation page doesn’t look good in dark theme. (https://sqrl.grc.com/pages/installation/)

The blue text is readable but low contrast. And both the blue and red text look quite ugly against the dark grey background.
I was about to post the same, but you got there first.
The Red text is not good and the d/blue is almost unreadable. The forums' Dark style is my default.

Client update, with my Win7 machine; faultless.

Thanks Steve.


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Apr 28, 2019
Humboldt County California
Update process was flawless.
(Windows 7 64 bit on a homebrew 5th gen core i5 desktop)

I was at Ver 63 and began receiving an [auto-] update message. When performing the update, however, I was receiving the Update Failure (error 8) message (each time I booted my machine), and didn't have time to explore the glitch, so put it off until last weekend (4/27).

After reviewing the forums I noted the advice to manually update, which I did without a problem. I was then at Ver 67.

When I booted my machine today, at logon, I saw another auto-update message! At first, I thought that it was an artifact from the manual update, but I checked my version number and it was still at 67. Having nothing really to lose, since SQRL hasn't caused any machine hang-ups and is so small, I went ahead and OK'd the auto-update.

Low and behold, not only did I not receive an error message this time, but there indeed was an update! I am now at Version 68.

Thanks, Steve, you've done it again. I'm ever amazed.


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May 20, 2018
Solution involved removing the existing install & c: drive upgrading to Wine V4 & reinstalling SQRL, which I did with the #66 copy. It then ran the updater which succeeded this time & opened a webpage in the forum.
This solution isn't working for me. I was already running WINE4, if that makes a difference.


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May 6, 2018
Right, Gary. Shane just reported that ( https://www.grc.com/dev/sqrl-test-2.exe ) was reporting INSANE numbers:

Uncompressed length = 66413
Uncompressed size = 4268726

I was expecting, perhaps +/- 1 or 2. This suggests that WINE doesn't support one of the function's parameters. I'll have another test shortly.
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