UX Help welcome

I did with some very preliminary hand drawn app workflow ideas from your screens list ( https://github.com/kalaspuffar/secure-quick-reliable-login/blob/master/doc/sqrl.png ) a while ago. I wouldn't do anything till your UI concept is solidified, then once that's done you can start looking at the detailed items for polish.

I never saw the stuff that @Mark_roudebush and @FlorinaV were collaborating on. Should probably have a look at that first and go from there, feel free to reach out via PM...I'll send you live chat connection which is probably more efficient.
- I'm not sure what or how it would work, but I did have the idea that you could build an onboarding experience that pointed users to a SQRL new user site. The site would act as a demo they would sign into as their first experience but the information on the site, on arrival, during the process, and after logging in would help to give feedback to them and build confidence.
I like the idea of directing new users to an external source of training. I think the best thing that could happen now would be for you to write a storyboard for a 1 minute animated video. The finished storyboard would be a series of "slides" that had rough drawings and associated blurb of what the audio would be saying at the time. The content would be what is essential for new users to build their mental up to the point of first use of the app. Google docs would work for collaboration. Once the storyboard is complete, more polished graphics and animations could be added, as well as voice-over, but that's a future step. Just deciding on essentials we'll be sharing through this "first look", getting those ideas down in the storyboard should be the first goal.
To @silversword and everyone else interested in improving the UX of the Android client:

As @kalaspuffar already explained, we are continuing to slowly iterate on the Android client's design/ux over on GitHub to the best of our abilities. We would appreciate anyone with ux experience to weigh in on design desicions there.

Right now for example, we have a rather small decision to make, but still:

Any educated input is appreciated, thanks!