Troubleshooting SQRL installation


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Oct 29, 2023
Trying SQRL (after a long time of ignoring it) on my Win11 system with Chrome browser, I get the following display when I click on the SQRL icon:

I'm unable to resize or stretch it. Is there something I'm missing?

Hi Carl:

You must be using one of the [incomplete] browser plugins. They were started long ago, but never finished nor kept up to date with modern browser updates. They're most likely unusable. It's sad to report, but SQRL just never gained significant traction, and the enthusiasm some of the developers had has waned, and I don't really think much has happened in a couple of years or more.

You can rely on Steve's client. I believe the Android client got sufficiently developed that it's reliable. I think that the iOS client is at least 75% done (but I haven't used it in at least a year.) You should not be using either/any of the browser plugins.
OK, and thanks for the response. It is unfortunate that SQRL doesn't have a functional Chrome browser plug-in. Even though SQRL may not reach its hoped-for success, it would be nice to be able to show the current front-runners how the login process could be done better. The Passkey solution of gathering the database of all your logins still seems clunky.

SQRL doesn't have a functional Chrome browser plug-in
It doesn't need one, at least on Windows. If you install and use Steve's client, it works fine. It will be invoked by the browser when used with a SQRL login (at least one properly coded, such as on this site.)
Can you share a link that shows how I can install Steve's client on my system so I could play with any SQRL sites I might find?
share a link
Well, if you look at the banner on the top of these forums, you should find "SQRL Essentials" and one of the sub links of that is this: . It honestly has been some years since I set all this up and I forget more than I remember, but you should be able to just uninstall any browser extension, and then download Steve's client from the link on that page. It SHOULD install as a SQRL protocol helper for your browser(s) and when you click a "SQRL://" link it should ask you how to handle it, and allow you to choose the external SQRL.exe . From there, it should pop up the login page. The first time use is kinda cagey though cause you may not have a SQRL Identity yet, and that can kinda end you in a weird loop. In any case, create your identity, back it up (onto paper or some removable media, depending on your style) and then from then on, it should be possible to use it here on this site (double click your avatar icon on the top right and look for SQRL or connecting/associating... this link should work too: )
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