Translation of GRC (and possibly other) SQRL clients


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May 6, 2018

EVERY piece of visible display text appearing in GRC's SQRL client for Windows is sourced from a single, independent, stand alone text file where it is identified by a numbered string. The file looks like this:
[Rename SQRL Identities]
1080=Rename SQRL Identities
1081=Select and rename any SQRL identity
1082=To rename any SQRL identity, select the identity below, provide the new name for the identity, then press Enter or click Rename.
1083=Select the identity you wish to rename:
1084=Enter the identity's new name, then press Enter or click Rename:
1085=Please select the identity you wish to rename in the upper field, then press Enter.

The file is essentially a numbered list of textual strings. This architecture facilitates GRC's SQRL client's translation into other languages because each string simply needs to be converted into the same phrasing in a non-English language.

And, since the resulting files will be publicly available, both GRC's English version and all translations will be available to developers of other SQRL clients. They will thus be free to pick from the list of strings available in any language for incorporation into their own multilingual clients.

The translation is being hosted over at the "" site where SQRL has long had a place to live: (links to:

This forum will be used to manage and discuss language translation related topics.
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Although, as noted in the start of this thread, the entire SQRL Windows app was designed to be translated, I have no doubt that there will be many unforeseen problems arising from the differing length of the text and the difficulty in coordinating and managing in 60 languages that I don't speak. The the support for right-to-left reading languages is completely untested. And, frankly, at this point, SpinRite needs my attention more. I expect SQRL's increasing traction, if any, to be gradual, since it takes time for people to make time some "one more thing" that they need to do.

So, if, a year or six months from now, SQRL is gaining the traction that we all hope it will, by then SpinRite will have received the VERY long overdue attention its owners have been screaming for, and it will make sense for me to then open the SQRL app for translation.

My point is... translating now would doubtless further delay the project, and SpinRite. And it would be insane to have GRC's SQRL app available in 60 languages while being used in none of them... including English.

So, I'm ready to respond to a demand for the app in non-English. And in a perfect world it would be available in them now. But I plan to wait until there's some actual, rather than hoped-for, demand for GRC's SQRL app in non-English.
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Really good answer. SpinRite is your bread and water. I was curious to see the complete file you talked about in the first post. Length is a challenge but inventing a whole set of new words in another language is more challenging and takes time:).
I must admit that I don't understand what I can do on Crowdin. I went there several times and all I can see is that SQRL.ini has already been 100% translated for almost every language, for a total of 6 words each. Sorry if I'm being thick, but I don't get how this works... Does it mean that Steve will actually submit the language file to be translated when SQRL is "kicked out the door"?
Does it mean that Steve will actually submit the language file to be translated when SQRL is "kicked out the door"?
Yes, Fabrice! I have not wanted to do this prematurely until the app's text had all been settled upon. I would prefer not to try everyone's patience. And, also, I am 100% certain that there will be many problems associated with the application of many of these different languages. Character sets, right-to-left reading, text that doesn't fit within the space provided for the equivalent English. NONE of those cannot be overcome, but it will entail an unknown amount of effort on my part. I don't think that investment will make sense until there's some reason to believe that SQRL is obtaining traction in the world. This will also allow me to spend time immediately on SpinRite, to get v6.1 released and out the door... and take a LOT of the pressure off there. :)
Yes, Fabrice! I have not wanted to do this prematurely until the app's text had all been settled upon.

Thank you for your answer Steve. Now I understand completely. I'm in the process of finishing the "SQRL Essentials" translation into French, and will wait for the release of the language file to start/help/participate to its translation into French as well. Live long and prosper 😉.
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