Cannot reproduce This forum's "tick" box options on older browsers


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Nov 12, 2020
I am finding this non intuitive, as all the settings options I am seeing are large box icon or small box icon not ticked or non-ticked box. For example this post new thread page to left of "Watch this thread" and "and receive notifications". Below on old windows chrome browser it is a problem but is fine on Android Chrome browser. Can someone look into making this backward compatible with older browsers - I assume ?

(Unsure which sub-forum to post this in)

TI_sqrl.grc tick box Windows 20201113.png

TI_sqrl.grc tick box Android 20201113.png


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May 19, 2018
Sorry Scott, but the answer is "it is what it is." This forum software is a commercial product, so if you wish, you could look around on XenForo's support site for any support, but as for changes around here, that likely isn't going to happen. @Steve is pretty detached from these forums these days--he's moved on the other things (SpinRite) and isn't visiting here very often.
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