Duplicate Suggestion to make it clearer for new users of the iOS client

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Van Zeck

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May 20, 2018
Arlington, Virginia, USA
Jeff, I have an embarrassing admission and then a suggestion to make your client easier to use for the first-time user. I spent several days (off and on) trying to get my identity set up in your client by clicking the "Scan SQRL QR code" link on your main screen. I FINALLY realized that this was not the way to import my identity but rather the normal process for authenticating to a site. A small message on the front screen directing me to the folder icon for identity management would have totally eliminated my confusion. Other potential users will likely be less dense than I, but, then again, some may be temporarily confused as I was.
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Feb 21, 2019
That confused me too. I assumed that since I did not have an identity set up that it must be automatically wanting to import via QR code.

Once I realized that I was in authentication mode I started visually scanning the UI for buttons to press. When I found the [Folder] --> [Plus] icons I knew I was on the right track.


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May 20, 2018
Marking this a dup (Issue 9 from the known issues / features)
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