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May 19, 2022
Just this past few weeks the FIDO news has been making the rounds. Including on the Security Now podcast. This seems like the ideal time to push SQRL.

2.5 Admins https://2.5admins.com/ Jim one of the hosts was getting at the shortcomings of FIDO and suggested public private key logins which basically sounded to me just like SQRL. I emailed them about this but I feel like Steve might be a better person to reach out to them.

It strikes me that the push to get the word out about SQRL in light of the FIDO news is ripe to be taken advantage of but it seems like it's just not happening? Or maybe it is and I'm just not listening to the right podcasts or reading the right news/social sources?

What else can I, we, do to help spread the good word of our lord and savior SQRL?

Would a thread posting podcasts and news sources talking FIDO or logins so folks can holler at them about SQRL be a good resource or idea or is there too great a risk of becoming SQRL mob who no one likes or will consider?


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May 19, 2018
Until someone actually composes a VALID RFC defining SQRL in a manner that the IETF will accept, any promotion is a waste of time, period.
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May 20, 2018
I'd be willing to work on one again, but as before, not having any experience with it I'd rather have someone else who knows more about it take the lead.


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Aug 2, 2022
As an old listener to the podcast I remember Steve telling the story about being approached by someone with a Yubikey at some conference. They explained how it worked and Steve understood then "this is an excellent idea", or something to that effect, that episode was years ago. What is missing here is not understanding the outreach part; Outside of this community I have heard zero mention of sqrl ever.

I wasn't previously aware of the lack of RFC/IETF participation. That explains a lot as well.
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