SQRL implemented in Gluu w/ CASA?


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Nov 5, 2020
I am not a dev, but I am an admin for SSO using the open-source project Gluu.org and it seems to me that one may be able to implement SQRL at an enterprise-level using Gluu' s interception scripts and a CASA plugin. I think with the CASA plugin, you could put a "login with SQRL" button on the page with the username/password (with an option to not show username/password or show SQRL as default with a link to login with username/password)


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May 19, 2018
Sounds interesting, but we need someone with dev experience on this platform to answer if it would be possible, and hopefully, if it is possible, to write the code, or to refactor some existing code. (It looks to me like CASA plugins are written in Java, there is Java code out there in the form of the Android client. There is also Java server code I believe, so basic infrastructure code seems to exist, just missing someone to pull it together.)