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May 20, 2018
Atlanta, GA
Very happily joined the $2 / month level because I firmly believe in supporting great developers building systems and apps I want to have in my life (the same way I support LastPass, and good podcasting). I get paid for my work, and I don't expect to get the fruits of other peoples labor for free.

I'll also add that this was the same reason I gave no thought to purchasing the OwnCloud app (back in the days before I moved over to NextCloud). The desktop clients were free, but the mobile client was (IIRC) $2.99. It was totally worth it to me to invest in a platform I was actively using and invested in (given the hardware cost of building my, at the time OwnCloud server) especially because the ad-supported model inherently eats into the privacy of the system.

That being said, I also definitely appreciate that the patreon / tip jar model means that Jeff gets all of the proceeds, without paying Apple a 30% tax. Apple is already getting enough of my money (and will get more when I eventually have to replace my MBPro).

All of that being said, Jeff, I completely support whatever model best fits your needs and supports your continued work on this and other projects. Please know that I'll never question that, even if it means that at some point you have to abandon the volunteer model for a pay-for-it-up-front model.
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May 20, 2018
For reasons best known to themselves Patreon locked my account for a “safety” review immediately after your signup @Gristle. Probably just new account scrutiny.