Setting up SQRL


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Aug 26, 2021
Was briefly looking over SQRL and will dig deeper, but was wondering if there was any info, step by step, or a video on how to setup and implement the server side of SQRL to authenticate with websites that my users use that I have created. Mostly a Windows shop but do run some Linux servers as well. Looks great and secure, would love to implement it for me and my users!
Thanks for any info!


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May 19, 2018
Define implement? Are you looking to code something custom, or are you looking for a plug-in for existing infrastructure? If the latter, describe said infrastructure so that we could tell you if the necessary plug-in code exists or not.

More specifically about what exists:
- @Steve coded a proof of concept infrastructure based on IIS on Windows NT Server. I don't know that the source code is available for this.
- Steve handed off some of the proof of concept code to @Paul F who coded a Posix C server based on it. I am unaware of anyone using this for a live sever.
- There is a PHP plug-in for Xenforo, which is what is used here on this site.
- There is a PHP Wordpress plugin which some users have had some success with.

As far as I can remember, that's a pretty complete list.

Beyond that, there are docs, hosted on the SQRL links on the main GRC server, here:
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