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May 19, 2018

Personally I dislike having anything automatically start on my system... and I don't allow a lot to stay running in the background, including the SQRL app on both accounts. (No doubt, when I use SQRL for a site other than here, I will be more interested in leaving it running.)

I always use my PC from a non-admin account, which means I almost never log into the actual account from the main screen. (I elevate 99% of the time, unless the PC is suffering in some way that needs me to actually log in.)

So I just logged in to my Admin account, and found the SQRL app running there. It has no identity loaded, so there is NO point in it running. There is also no way to configure it not to run on its own because you need to add an identity before you can change that setting. I really don't like this design.

Two suggestions:
1. If it runs from startup, and there is no identity created, it should just silently exit.
2. You should not install it to auto start for all users in the first place... this should be a per user setting. If the user never uses it even once, it doesn't need to be running at all. So it should be the case that you don't set the auto-run registry entry until after it successfully installs a valid identity... and that way the only time it would run would be for users actually using it.
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