QR Scan problem and solution.

Iain Stevenson

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Nov 12, 2020
New ioS user

Create Identity on Windows App, and printed QR code. Also had it showing on widnows app on main screen 24" Dell monitor @ 1920*1080 and tried in laptop 4K screen at same resolution. Tried both @ 1280*1024 too.

Failed to scan QR code from main screen, it would not work at all from either screen or paper source. ata any distance, lighting effects, or screen resolution.

Using the File menu options to import a Identity via QR code got resutls! = Releived

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Import Identity from QR Code
Paper printout - Immediately recognised.
Input password.

IoS 14.1 (Latest update)
iPhone 11 pro
Version 1-0-2818398

I have no idea why, I just wondered if anyone else had the same problem and has tried the same solution.


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May 19, 2018
I'm unsure what you expected Iain, but you were in the process of importing a user ID that was exported from another client. Using the import option is what you should have done, and it appears it did work for you, so I'm unsure what you're reporting here?


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May 20, 2018
Hi Iain,

Thanks for feeding back.

I agree that it is not clear at the moment, but the scanner on the first screen is for logging in only.

You have to navigate into the import area to add / import an id.



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May 20, 2018
I suppose you could see that this particular QR code looks like a SQRL identity and pop up a notification with instructions at least.
For sure

There are reasons it is not like that. Some of which may now be historic.

In the version that is in active development i don't allow the login scanner unless an ID had been generated or imported first to avoid the issue.

Thanks for you feedback.
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Feb 22, 2019
Just for reference, in the Android client, we ended up modifying the main scanner to support login as well as identity QR codes because of user reports like this one.

Works quite well and we've never looked back.
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