progress on linux version?

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Oct 12, 2019
Note to self - I must read the forum heading before posting. My comments on libpam are in relation to the server side (oops this is the client side forum). However, very useful to see the GO command that handles the SQRL user id and storage. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think that this will need to be integrated with the rest of a SQRL client side command line (I am sure I have seen reference to one).
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Oct 16, 2019
I don't have an Android device to try this on. Instead I downloaded and installed the BlueStacks emulator and then Termux. I ran the 32-bit Linux version of sqrlid under Termux and it created a sqrlid.sqrl file without any problem.

To be sure it didn't create a file for you, run sqrlid again. It will warn you if the identity file already exists.
In the second attempt it did create the sqrlid.sqrl file. Only difference I find is that on the first attempt I used "go run sqrlid.go" but for the next I used the command after build. Thanks for creating a CLI that works in Linux / Termux.


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May 19, 2018
Hey @Paul F can I ask you a somewhat personal question? Although you seem very giving with your executables... is there a particular reason why you have [seemingly] avoided setting up a GitHub page or FOSSHub or similar so that you don't have to host them yourself? In my case, I generally will not run any executable from anyone that isn't provided in an overly public way. I never want to be the first victim if it turns out the purveyor was untrustworthy... so I usually wait to see if anyone else goes first and reports back. (I do, occasionally, run unknown code in a protected virtual machine, but that is a lot of work so generally I would rather avoid it.)
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