Nov 2019 Update

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May 20, 2018
  1. I apologies for the frequency if updates on my work.
  2. I wish to step back from any commitments I have made as to when my client will be in the App Store. This is because I have demonstrated that my commitments are unreliable and as such unhelpful to the community.
  3. I will still work on my client and get it into the App Store as soon as I can.
  4. I simultaneously have a young and an aging family and full time work. Spending time on SQRL will always be secondary to these by my choice and also by financial necessity.
  5. I personally would rather be working on SQRL than anything else that is optional.
Update written 04:30 local time and posted shortly after.

Vela Nanashi

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May 19, 2018
You should not feel bad Jeffa, in my opinion at least, you are currently the only one developing a functional IOS client (at least as far as I know). So please keep up the good work. Also people need to realize that for projects like this that don't earn the maker money enough to put a roof over the head of themselves and their family and food on the table and all that, it will be developed when other more pressing work and matters are handled.
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Dec 5, 2019
Take your time Jeffa, if people want you to prioritize this, then they can sponsor you. If not they should be happy with that you can offer out of your time.
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