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  • New Wordpress Plug-In Forum

    Just a note that we have a new forum to contain discussions relating to the Wordpress plug-in which Daniel Persson originated and has been making great progress on. You'll find it under "Server-Side Solutions."


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May 20, 2018
I'll update this thread as I upload releases.

iOS app build numbering is stupidly manual. Sometimes I have to intervene and push it ahead to get app store to accept a build.

Do not expect sequential numbers as builds get generated as I work internally.

But, please , please let me know if it jumps backwards.

Latest testflight build is out now (1.0.281 - 8307)

Main changes here:

Build just uploaded (1.0.281 - 8307) goes some way to address the multi auth attempts issue and the leaving the browser at http://localhost issue.

Your testing efforts are appreciated.

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