Pending fix Issue 17 Bug: Client hangs with "Working" spinner (Network reachability)

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Andrew Godfrey

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Mar 6, 2019
Repro steps:
  1. On a PC open a private browsing window.
  2. Go to
  3. Click "Log in".
  4. On iPhone, go to sqrl client.
  5. Turn on airplane mode. (This is to simulate a user not being on wifi and having no cell connection. Currently if you launch the client in airplane mode you get a 'beta expired' notice, so you have to do this after opening the client).
  6. Tap 'Scan SQRL QR Code and scan the code on the PC, and accept on the phone.
  7. As expected, a popup appears, "Error", "The Internet connection appears to be offline."
  8. Tap Ok.

Expected: The iPhone client should remain responsive.
Actual: The iPhone client shows a spinner with the text "Working", forever. Even exiting airplane mode doesn't fix it.
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