Acknowledged Installer far too verbose for a layman

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Feb 24, 2019
Hi All

Just some general feedback about Steve's windows client installer. As a techie, it was perfectly fine, however the general public are not going to understand it at all. It's way too much to read, much less comprehend. The average user doesn't even understand the concept of an identity, much less rescue codes, encryptions etc. I can't see my partner (who is reasonably confident with computers) or any other friend/family member being able to do this successfully without my help.

Please take a leaf out of the installer / setup guides for 1password, lastpass etc. The setup needs to be much less wordy, and more 'next next next done'. Maybe have a standard mode and an advanced mode, or offer detailed help only when the user clicks the help button.

That aside, really love the product and looking forward to driving adoption of it (hence my concern about the difficulty of adoption).

Not open for further replies.