Installed on new LT, multiple issues


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Apr 20, 2020
When SQRL first came out I set it up, logged into the forums, and that was the last time I used it. Just now I set up a new laptop. I installed the SQRL app and logged in using my ID file. I then tried to log in to forums.grc. It would not accept the 4 digit quickpass it asked for. I typed it multiple times, copy and pasted it, no go. I turned off quickpass and pasted in the full password. It worked. However, I was not associated with my account. I tried to do the account association thing, I can log into my account with name and password, then I get an "Oops!...". The message is " You have authenticated with a different SQRL ID than the one associated with this account." I only have one SQRL ID. I'm using it right now. I logged in using my saved file, password, everything.

The next thing I was confused about was sqrl.grc forums. Do these use a different login than forums.grc? They must because I didn't have an account. Lastpass figures it is the same site as forums.grc so I was very confused. Signing up it said my usual user name, qqq1, was already in use. I tried a password reset but it didn't know my email. I used a new user name, qqq1701, and signed up for a new account. On here I was able to tie in to SQRL and I seem to have my normal qqq1 user name back.

4 character quickpass won't work. Copy and paste, it's not wrong password. *Update - I turned the quickpass on again and now that part works.
Forums.grc says my account is tied to a different SQRL ID. I only have one.
SQRL.grc said I had no account when I'd swear I did. Said my user name was in use. Gave me my "in use" user name once I made an account and tied it to SQRL.


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May 20, 2018
Rutland, UK
First thing - the logins for and are separate. You need to register with both, although you can use the same username on each. LastPass obviously only looks at the domain, not sub-domain.

The quick password is only valid for a short time ( may be only seconds depending on your configuration). If you had not used it for a while, it would have expired, so you would need the full password to login.

In terms of accounts, on you have "qqq1" registered on 25 Sept 2020, and last active at 17:49 on Wednesday (GMT or UTC). On, you seem to have both "qqq1", registered on 21 April 20 and last active at 19.27 on Wednesday, and "qqq1701" last used at 17:19 on Wednesday.

The only person who can tidy this up, if you want, would be Steve. You could ping him a message.


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May 19, 2018
The quick password is only valid for a short time
Additionally, if you make even one single mistake while using it, it will be cleared and the full password will be required. You do NOT get any second chances with the quick password.