Incorrect rescue code

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Apr 3, 2021
I see another thread with user error and something perhaps unresolved in the play store.

I experienced the incorrect rescue code on the first set of numbers. I used the back arrow to check 5 times that the number was correct.
I filled in the rest of the numbers and did not get a second error, it only flagged the first set. I retyped it several times.
Finally I used the back arrow twice and when I went forward it gave me a new code which it accepted.
I did not take a screen shot, not did I switch to any other application.

So I believe there is a real bug here. I did keep the identity recovery code in question (in my password safe, along with the now correct one) in case you want it.

So it isn't blocking me anymore but is there anything I can do to help track down the bug?


May 20, 2018
You could try repeating the steps you took to create the original problem then document the steps you took to solve it. That would give others the opportunity to re-create your problem and then check for the bug you think you have found.
Not open for further replies.