How to start over.


May 20, 2018
I have had to rebuild my main PC (don't ask too long), When I came to reinstall SQRL I created a new identity after installing the sqrl.exe. When I tried to use it to access these forums it found an earlier identity.
How do I remove sqrl from my PC so I can start again?


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May 20, 2018
You don't say what OS or client software you're using. If you're using Steve's Windows client, it makes a sqrl folder in My Documents. Your identity will be there in the form of a file ending in .sqrl.

Alan M Cameron

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Under my post there is an abbreviated description which includes Windows 10 an a smattering of Windows 7 and Ubuntu.
I got involved with the earliest versions of SQRL in 2015. I had copies of all the previous versions in the files that I was able to restore from backups taken regularly since then. Perhaps I should have been more careful which I restored to the newly installed Windows 10 2004 instance. I can remember that there was a single exe which would clear out all the old versions but my memory is suffering with age.
What I need is the name of that exe?
I had removed the .sqrl I had been using before the rebuild was necessary and Exited from SQRL on the icon on the task bar but it still found somewhere the old Identities. I no longer keep the old identity security pages I printed for those so I could not provide the password or security key code.
Incidentally the username above is an misnaming of the real name field while registering since you cannot re-use a previous one.


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May 19, 2018
The Windows SQRL client will look in the same folder as the .EXE first I believe (but there shouldn't be anything there if you did a fresh install of SQRL.) Then it should look under "My Documents" (Something like C:\Users\Alan\Documents\sqrl .) There should be alan.sqrl file, or named whatever you name your identity in the client. If there are multiple identities there, then move all but one out of the folder and test replacing the one in there until you find the one you need.