How to register a new account on these forums with SQRL


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May 19, 2018
First step, you need a SQRL client, and it needs to be installed and configured with your identity. When you are done with that step, you will have chosen a password to unlock your identity when prompted. (And a shortened version of that password will be used as your Quick Unlock.)
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Now go to the site which should look something like this:

(NOTE: Aspects of the site REQUIRE Javascript... make sure it's enabled.)

You should see a Register link (Step 1). There may also be a welcome banner with a signup link that you could use (step 1a).

Click on Register (step 1) and you should see this pop-up (step 2)

NOTE: this sometimes can take a very measurable amount of time, be patient.

You will see the option to click on the :sqrl: SQRL button or scan the QR Code (step 3):

If you are using a desktop SQRL client, click the button with the :sqrl: on it. If you have a mobile client (with a camera) scan the QR code. Doing so should bring up your client's pop-up to request your full password or your Quick Password to authorize the usage of the identity on the site.

Here is a picture of what you should expect if using the GRC SQRL client:

After authorizing the use of your SQRL client by entering your password, something a bit strange will happen. The page you last saw will change and you will be on a new page. It may seem like you've had a failure, but this is as expected. (What happened in the background is that the SQRL client contacted the site, realized you didn't already have an account, and the site securely sent back a URL (hidden from you, using the SQRL CPS feature) that you will use to finish signing up.) This is what you should see:

Note that you are on the "Create New Account" page (step 1).

You will need to choose a unique handle to be visible with your posts (step 2). This is how the other site users will know you (this will also be your reputation on the site.)

Note that the email address is optional (step 3).

Check the box after you check out the terms and the privacy policy (step 4).

To deter bots, the final button may have a countdown on it (step 5). (This is using Javascript, so if you don't see it, that may be why.) Wait for the countdown to finish and click the button to finish the sign up.
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