Holding at Release #68 (pre-release)

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May 6, 2018

Since random client debris is still drifting in, but since there is nothing known to be functionally wrong with r68 (or the SQRL-for-WINE on WINE), I'm going to focus most of my attention upon creating the SQRL spec description document while we let the current release 68 dwell as-is to see what else our astute tester/users might find that needs tweaking.

At this point, the next pending release 69 will publish the following fixes that I've already made for it:
  • Added "Click to visit the SQRL web forums" to the bottom of the "Learn About SQRL" dialog.
  • Fixed the decompression crash in WINE.
  • Changed rename handling when there's one identity -- it now closes the rename dialog rather than leaving it open.
I will, of course, still be monitoring this forums for reports of anything that has escaped everyone's notice.

Thanks, all!
Not open for further replies.