GRC's SQRL client for Windows is at Release Candidate #1

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Apr 18, 2019
Port Ludlow, WA
Hi John! Nice to see you here! Could you try printing your SQRL Identity to that printer? And are you on Win10? There's been a report of Win10 trouble, and I just added some code to the RC printing... so I may have broken something. My point being... there is no "printer trust" issue, just a "SQRL client not quite right" issue! :) Thanks!
Windows 10 v 1809
My printing problem was a weird case of operator error. All is well.

When I reached the print dialog I saw only two choices: "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" and "OneNote". What I did not see was that the printer list had scrolled to the right. The real printer was to the left (along with "Fax" and "Microsoft Print to PDF"). Upon using the dialog properly, my identity printed just fine. (And the Find Printer button did not find any more printers.)

And, since Windows 10 is "managing my printer for me" it will now keep selecting the one true printer.

--John (whose custom hand made recovery code will do fine)
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