GRC SQRL client froze after identity import on Win10

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Aug 28, 2022
I needed to install SQRL and import my identity on a laptop with Win10 installed and was eventually met with a small window indicating that SQRL was busy completing the import-from-file task. I recall the window being blank, but after it seemed to be taking longer than expected I grabbed the window with my left mouse button. I had planned to check whether it could be resized and perhaps was hiding a button, but instead I grabbed the window itself and dragged it a short distance on the desktop. At this same moment, SQRL appeared to achieve something (perhaps completion) as the small window showed a button near the right-lower corner for a few milliseconds. I did not have enough time to read the button as it almost immediately disappeared and the window returned to its former size and appearance. I just barely caught a glimpse of this button and estimate that it was visible for only tens of milliseconds.

Afterward, pressing [Enter] or [Esc] did nothing and the window appeared frozen. I tried tabbing while the window was in focus and hitting [Enter] again, but there seemed to be no hidden control that would close or advance the window. Win10 would not "Close" the window, either, so I used Process Hacker to terminate the program. I restarted SQRL and the identity was working properly, so this glitch apparently happened after a successful import.

I realize that this client is unlikely to receive further updates and this freeze may have had nothing to do with my grabbing the window, but I wanted to report the experience here as it may be relevant to future readers, perhaps including myself.

This occurred on Windows 10.2004, which is an old, obsolete version of Win10 at the time of this post.
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