fantastic! now make it work with the beta iOS sqrl client on "account association"


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Jul 7, 2019
I'm really sorry about not saving the code. I even thought "this is weird, I should save this and file an issue with the android client" and then I got distracted and refreshed the browser :(

The behavior I saw probably doesn't match the first PR because there were wrong bytes at the end. So even if I went over a segment boundary (unlikely since other codes worked fine) the bytes I got should have matched up to the truncation.

The second might fix it by catching the FormatException... not sure if when that happens you'll have partial data or not. But if that is the case, then it won't be possible to reproduce since it will not just show an error without sending the request. The way I knew the value was off was because my server was logging the request sent from the client. I'll be on the lookout for such errors in the future and save the nuts/QR codes.
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