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Jul 5, 2020
Hi all,

Recently become aware of SQRL and would like to see it develop further, so i have started emailing my commonly used websites to spread awareness. I am wondering how other forum members are going about this?

Below is a copy of the email that i sent to a favourite website of mine. Any thoughts/critique on this?


This may be an unusual request but I am wondering if Ebuyer has considered using the relatively new user authentication system called SQRL to allow its customers to access their account on the ebuyer website?

Some of the advantages of using SQRL for the user are:

* One master identity for all website authentication.
* Very secure encrypted key to replace the email address and password login.
* Faster website account creation and login

Some of the advantages of using SQRL for the website provider are:

* Less burden on the website to secure a user's login details. Since the users login details are replaced with an encrypted public key that would be of no use to anyone other than the user, it would not matter if these keys were stolen or published.

* Most of the computation is carried out on the client side and not on the web server.

* SQRL is open source, free and simple to set up.

The software was developed by security researcher Steve Gibson and the community at More information can be found at the GRC website here:

As a long time customer of Ebuyer, I would be very grateful if you could consider adopting SQRL.

Thanks for your time,
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May 19, 2018
IMHO What's missing is for someone to take a platform (like a forum server) and make it a template that unsophisticated users can copy and spread. Once more little sites promote and use it, then slightly larger ones might, and then it might eventually work its way to the very large ones.

Also, I know this may be an unpopular thing to say, if p0rn sites started using it, that would spread it like wildfire ;)


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Jul 5, 2020
I think that you may have a point about the porn industry. I haven't been a member of the forum for long so I'm not sure what members have been doing to spread the word, but i'm wondering if a coordinated approach is perhaps needed.

Even something as simple as compiling a list of websites that we would like to see adopting SQRL now and each of us writing to them to express this.

Making my way through the forum threads i noticed the SQRL foundation thread. Cant tell if this is still active.