Client Same IP warning screen when used via IPV6 {edit} Browser => IPV6 while GRC client => IPV4


May 24, 2018
Wordpress Version 5.6.1
SQRL Plugin Version 2.1.0
Used via GRC client running under WINE on Ubuntu 16.04

Everything has been working fine up until I recently changed my ISP to Starlink which is allowing dual IPV6 / IPV4 operation. When my router's IPV6 interface is enabled, the server on which the wordpress site I am trying to access knows me via an IPV6 address. At which time I cannot use SQRL to authenticate becuase I get the Spoofing Warning screen on the client.

{Edit} I just checked the server logs & although my browser is accessing the site via IPV6, the GRC client is accessing it via IPV4 which is probably the issue. I will leave this here for later reference