Can't find app in Apple app store

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Bryan Hapke

New member
Jul 1, 2019
As we all know, Apple's search is pretty pitiful. I can't find the Jeff Arthur app for iOS in the Apple app store with any search term I can think of. Can anyone suggest a way to find it or provide a direct link to the app in the store?

Vela Nanashi

Well-known member
May 19, 2018
As far as I know it is not yet on the apple store, but in testpilot, look around the threads here to see if you can find the email or wait for someone who knows to post it. I personally do not know though, and I don't even have an IOS device.

John Kirpestein

New member
May 20, 2018
Go to Jeffs site and become a beta tester. He's on holiday now until the 15th so I'm afraid you need to be patient for a while.