Black screen of death.

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May 19, 2018
Hi gang

My studio machine is sadly down at the moment. Might be able to get it back with spinrite or some windows restore.

What happened?

I was testing my WordPress plugin and pressed to login. Got the password dialog and typed in the password. The window disappeared but the second desktop with darkening effect stayed.

With no way to get back I rebooted the machine and now it will not give me a desktop when I start the machine. Probably a Windows bug and hopefully I will be able to salvage my installation tomorrow. But the screen darkening not returning after login is bad.

This feature will not give me any security assurance in the future so I will turn it off the first time I get.

I thought I should report it. Sadly I don't know the version as my system is down but I have accepted all updates so it should be the latest dev version.

Keep up the great work.

Best regards
Not open for further replies.