Another point about SQRL: it's censorship-free!

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May 20, 2018
On another site I visit (I won't get into specifics, it isn't about that) they were suspended by Google for completely bogus reasons and their site was taken down (the site was hosted with them). It only took a couple of days to straighten it out, and now the site's back.

But apparently, being suspended by Google means losing access to the API, so until they can get that straightened out, they can't use any Google services--including OAuth! So that means that the people who rely on that to log in are effectively locked out of the site!

This could never happen with SQRL. SQRL has no third parties that need to be trusted and is 100% under control of the site itself in conjunction with the individual user, so if they'd been using SQRL instead of OAuth they could just log back in as soon as the site was up and running again!

There are a lot of things I don't like about the way things are going. "Cancel culture" based on hysteria and a "guilty until proven innocent" mentality have resulted in a lot of people denied basic services, including basic financial services from PayPal and Visa. SQRL secures our logins without making us vulnerable to that.

OAuth apparently doesn't.
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