Android v1.7.0 (Alpha)


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May 19, 2018
Hi everyone.

Thank you for helping us out with testing the release of the Android versions. In this one we are excited to release a new introduction to the application to help new users, all thoughts, insights or opinions are welcome. Thanks, @ahauser for solving the QR Code issue and helping out with this release.

  • Updated setup flow to onboard new users in a nicer interface.
  • App crashes on non-SQRL QR codes

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Hey Daniel. Huge fan of SQRL and just wish it would be more widely adopted. I'll try to show it to the security ppl at my work (I am an API developer for a healthcare company.

When I try to log into these forums with Android 1.7.2 it never gives me the QuickPass option.

How can I enable this or help you troubleshoot? Is it meant to be functional RN?


I found the option in the widget or quick actions menu (or whatever it's called) for enabling QuickPass.

So it's not incorporated into the UI I guess? Maybe that's on the backlog?

Is it only supposed to last for a few minutes? I'm a long time fan but haven't really used SQRL much yet.
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IIRC, in the Android app it lasts 24 hours (or maybe I changed that in mine). In either event, if you have some other security feature such as biometrics activated, the app will use that instead of the QuickPass.
Hi @GoodDadMike

Well, I'm not sure how you have tried the feature. But by default, you can reuse the key with a QuickPass or BioMetrics for 15 minutes after use. This is configurable in the app, so you could change it to 24h or even longer. I think the longest time tested was a Week.

I hope this helps.

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