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May 19, 2018
Hi everyone.

We have had some lovely holidays and a new year has begun. The work on the Android client has been a bit slow, but we have made multiple improvements.

As usual, I want to thank @ahauser, @sengsational, and all users adding issues we need to resolve. Thank you.

Here is a list of improvements and bugs we have squashed. Thank you for your time.

* Update the rescue code page to a new design.
* Implement support for tif = 0x200 (reuse of old identity)
* Implement unit tests for test vectors (2/6)
* Added Indonesian language
* Added Italian language
* Added Portuguese language

* Crash report in showErrorMessageInternal from Google Play
* Camera is being used after Camera.release() was called
* Base56 zero-padding missing on decoding
* EnHash regression
* QuickPass not working with large timeout values
* Error when leaving "QuickPass Timeout" field empty

Best regards
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