Android v1.4.0

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May 19, 2018
Hi gang.

Thanks to @ahauser and @sengsational we have another much-improved version of the Android application. The last release I will not push to production as it has some major issues that we need to address. Some of them have already been fixed in this version but I feel that I need more testing and find some of the harder to pinpoint errors before we release a new production version.

I think it was important to release this alpha in the meantime to show the improvements that have been done and hopefully get some help to find some issues that we might have missed in our testing. Thank you all for your time and helping us testing the application.

* Better clearing of QuickPass

* Improved login dialog
* Alternative ID can now easily be used with disable, remove and enable.
* Handling disable, enable and remove directly
* Added help texts and cleaner flow.
* Improved design on multiple activities
* Language selection
* Rekey presentation and entering
* CPS Missing
* New identity done
* Added icons to improve menu selection
* Adaptive icons for all versions of Android
* Improved CPS flow with a simple page when cancelation address missing
* Code clean-up and improved readability.
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