Android v1.0.0

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May 19, 2018
Hi everyone.

As Steve goes forth releasing the Windows client as a v1.0, we should not be far behind releasing the Android client to the public.

This release is still Alpha for about a week and, if we don't find any extreme bugs or someone in the community objects, I'll push this version to production.

Thank you for your support and helping out with this project. Especially I want to thank @ahauser and @sengsational that made most of this release a reality. But I also need to thank all the contributors to the translation project. I would never have dreamt that I would be a part of a project people care enough about to translate it into 17 languages. But this is the power of this community.

* Added application shortcuts

* Added file import to the start activity
* Better contrasting night colors
* Improved domain verification
* Identity Management v2

* Remove login popup after failed password

Thank you for your time.

Best regards


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Apr 17, 2019
Other then me needing to recover the key (I keep forgetting the password since I rarely use it) No issues to speak of and logged me in fine.


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May 19, 2018
I keep forgetting the password since I rarely use it
This is not SQRL specific advice: Write the password down. Unless you have untrustworthy housemates. If it's difficult for you to remember, it would be difficult for them to remember as well. You could always obscure it... such as not writing the last part or the first part... writing it down backwards, swapping the letters in some pattern, writing it down in blocks of 5 but in a mixed order, etc. If you include a phone number or address and don't label the password, who would know what it might be. Once you do have it memorized, then properly dispose of your written down password.


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Feb 17, 2019
Or write it down and tape it to your monitor. I'm serious. If your flat-mates are THAT industrious to break into this forum (which is the maximum extent of what your SQRL identity is protecting right now), then we'll recognize it's not you and alert the forum admin or Steve to ban that user. The benefit of this is you'd get practice re-keying :)
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