Android SQRL App shortcuts

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May 19, 2018
Gardner, MA
sengsational said:
I'm a bit baffled about how this would line-up with the way things currently work (app doesn't know what site it's scanning until after it scans). But this sounds like it could possibly be an interesting additional feature. It might be best to have a thread in the grc sqrl forum to flesh it out how you see this working, starting out with a detailed use case description, where the user's intentions and actions are listed out in detail.
As we established over in git-town, I don't know what I am talking about in the Android realm. But a really superficial scan through ShortcutInfo and PersistableBundle left me with the impression that it might be possible to have an app shortcut that wasn't just essentially an alternate entry point into the code but that it could possibly persist configuration data inside the shortcut which would be returned to or accessed by the app when the shortcut was invoked. So, assuming I am not way off base here, it would seem possible (some would say unwise, I know, but, humor me) to create a shortcut that included {I want to start a scan, [preselecting identity 'MeMyselfAndI'] [pre-filling Alt-Id '😈 advocate']}. Which (perhaps obviously) would initiate a scan with optional persisted settings what identity and/or what alternate Id to default to. Those who choose to think of Alt-Id's as secrets would just steadfastly eschew the capability. And those of us who embrace the fact that it is a simple plain-text identity multiplier / disambiguator could have a whole crop of shortcuts that would serve to 😱 persist the Alt-id's. Of course, since, Android doesn't let you mess with the text below the icons, it would be nice to be able to specify that as well, maybe even along with some icon attributes like color, background color, emoji decorations, or even an assortment of provided icons. (Says the man not writing the code.)

If I have completely misconstrued the capabilities of a shortcut, I will invoke the great Emily Litella.