Alt-ID Backward Compatibility Breakage

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May 6, 2018
As a result of discussions over in the grc.sqrl newsgroup, with the Release #67 of GRC's SQRL client, the implementation of SQRL's Alt-ID at the spec/protocol level has changed. This necessary change has the effect of breaking all existing Alt-IDs so that they will no longer be recognized. We are going through this bit of pain now so that we don't need to go through it later. The revised system is an improved implementation that is worth a bit of breakage before we go any further.

To ease the transition, once release #67 is released, #66 will remain available. If you wish, you'll be able to use #66 to disassociate any Alt-IDs from SQRL accounts, then reassociate them under #67. Alternatively, you could perform that disassociation now under #66 then reassociate under #67.

The latest release of SQRL at the time of this notice is #67... but you can obtain release #66 here:

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