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May 6, 2018

Okay. Mission(s) accomplished!

The SQRL OWASP presentations in Dublin, Ireland and Gothenburg, Sweden, and the LogMeIn/LastPass Identity panel in Boston all went very well.

The high points for me were the opportunities to spend quality time hanging out with Jeff Arthur, who flew to Ireland from his home in the UK, Daniel Persson (who was already in Gothenburg), and Rasmus Vind who took three trains and five hours to travel to Gothenburg from his home in Denmark. While "virtual" beats "not at all"... there's really no substitute for meeting in the real world. So it was great to be able to spend hours, as Lorrie and I did, with each of these three valuable SQRL contributors.

Both of the SQRL presentations were recorded and the Gothenburg guys got theirs edited down within a few days. As Daniel noted, it's up on YouTube here:

The editing of the Dublin presentation is still in the works so I'll post a link here once it's public.

The Boston panel event was fun with Leo being the master ceremonies and three other techies, of whom I was one, talking about the challenge of identity on the Internet. Nothing new or surprising or radical happened, but TWiT will eventually be posting it as a special which I imagine many here will find interesting -- or at least mildly entertaining -- since we did have some fun.

I plan to produce one final "reference" SQRL presentation at the end of November in the TWiT studio. Leo and Lisa are off on a 3-week cruise vacation in ten days, so there's no time to squeeze it in before that, and since I'll be up in that area with family for Thanksgiving, it makes sense to record it on the following Saturday. So that's the plan.

During the trip I received some unsolicited very positive (and welcome) feedback about the SQRL documentation from several people who were amazed that they were actually able to understand the entire thing. Since that was my goal, I'm hopeful that what we have will stand the test of time.

Then my plan is to update the SQRL documentation with the result of the discussion/debate we concluded before the trip, and add documentation of the textual identity format which I completely forgot to include. Then I will quickly repair my own SSP API implementation to operate the way I intended with its TIF bits.

It has been a while since I've given GRC's servers any long-pending maintenance, there are newer versions of XenForo and its add-ons, and I want to bring up the new FreeBSD UNIX machine, move these newsgroups over to it and decommission this very old UNIX box. So I'm planning to spend some time on housekeeping.

Then... SpinRite.

I do NOT plan to rev/update GRC's SQRL client first. While there are some minor cosmetic things that could be done, they are all written down for the future, and nothing is a showstopper. Once we start to see some traction with SQRL in the real world (there are a surprising number of projects quietly underway) I will then gladly give GRC's SQRL client some more time & attention. But I worry about NOT getting back to SpinRite immediately, and I think that it is currently the project that now has the most urgency.

So... I'll quickly wrap up a (very) few remaining bits of SQRL, take a between-projects break for GRC server update/maintenance, do one final SQRL "reference" presentation produced by TWiT, and see about meeting with Facebook and Google, etc. while getting back to work on SpinRite v6.x.
Well, I think you gave SQRL enough energy to start rolling - an epic job will become a huge success in due time. On the other hand, I haven't been able to use SpinRite for few years now as it fails to work with my newer machines (UEFI) and large hard drive. I have a couple of seemingly dead 2TB hard drives which are waiting in limbo for the arrival of the magnetic Messiah...
Can’t believe how excited I am for Sqrl to step into the light, I know there’s still a hard slog ahead of it but we all wish you and it the best. All it needs is one big well known company to get on board and have a decent pop up msg when a non Sqrl user clicks on that weird QR code thing and it will take off.

thanks for all your efforts Steve and the programmers working hard to get clients and server side out there
Yes, I am very patiently waiting for SpinRite 6.1. Just need those speed increases for those massive 8 and 10Tb drives. Maybe a Christmas surprise? (I can hope, right? It is the season after all)
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