Admin Request: Scrolling of Sub-Menu Bar

Paul F

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Apr 11, 2019
Example: The menu "FORUMS " has sub-menu "New posts Find threads Watched Search forums Mark forums read"

On the GRC Forums, both the menu and sub menu bars do not scroll off the top of the window when the page is scrolled down.
On the SQRL Forums, only the menu bar does not scroll off the top of the screen.

Can the SQRL Forums format be changed to keep the sub-menu bar in the window too?


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May 19, 2018
Tagging @Steve to help him notice the request Paul. I honestly think he doesn't check in here as often as you might hope, so I'll message him directly with a link to your request.
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May 6, 2018
I honestly think he doesn't check in here as often as you might hope
Yeah... that's putting it mildly!! I REALLY and TRULY wish that I could be everywhere at once. But there's just no possibility for me to take time away from the work toward SpinRite. So... I SO MUCH appreciate all of the support that you guys are able to provide where I'm unable to.

Paul: I have no idea why these SQRL and the GRC forums are behaving differently. But I'll be glad to spend some time to see what's up. Perhaps it's some setting that I once made in the SQRL forums in the interest of obtaining the most vertical space for content (seems like the sort of thing I would have done.)