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May 20, 2018
Ill try to update things here as I go.

Issue NumberDescriptionTypeStatusProgress
1Can't change identity passwordFeatureAcceptedNone
2Getting stuck in loop with stale nutsBugAcceptedNone
3Same Wifi enforcementFeaturePending decisionNone
4Different text on same device and x device authFeatureAcceptedNone
5Migration to per auth biometics onlyFeatureAcceptedWIP
6Same device CPS issues, leaving browser waiting for localhostBugInvestigateNone
7Revisit ability to auto switch back to browser on auth. This was deemed as impossible before, but is worthy of investigationFeatureRevisitNone
8Alt-ID SupportCore FeaturePending decisionNone
9Onboarding flow to help new users get goingFeatureAcceptedNone
10Improved handling of malicious QR codesBugAcceptedNone
11Attempted duplicate auth when waking from background with subsequent CPS queryBugAcceptedWIP
12New state machine for auth flows (long overdue)FeatureAcceptedNone
13Find non localized stringsBugAcceptedWIP
14Handling the app lifecycle, especially suspend and terminateBugAcceptedWIP
15support for can= URL params for same device authCore FeatureAcceptedNone
16Anti Spoofing functionalityCore FeatureAcceptedNone
17Handle network reachability properlyBugAcceptedNone
18Problems with Button TextBugFixedComplete
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