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What is SQRL?

This page explains what SQRL does and why we expect it to change the world.
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SQRL Logs Into Websites For You

Instead of using a username, email and a password, SQRL uses an app to login to SQRL-aware websites.

When SQRL logs you into a website, your identity is a long code that looks like this: E6Qs2gX7W-Pwi9Y3KAmbkuYjLSWXCtKyBcymWloHAuo.

Your SQRL identity is a different long code for every website you login to, but it is always the same code when you return to a site you visited before. This means that websites never know who you are, but they do know when you return.

You may choose to remain anonymous to a website, such as when you post a response to someone's blog. SQRL never identifies you by anything other than that long code.

In other cases you will want to be known, like when you use SQRL to login as you at Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, or your bank. In those cases, you would inform Amazon that that particular code is actually you. SQRL lets you do that.

The SQRL system took 5 years to develop. It is now complete and you are invited to browse around these SQRL forums to learn more. You can obtain SQRL apps and experiment with using them to logon to a growing number of websites. We believe that SQRL is the future of Internet website identity authentication. We hope you will agree.

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    Feb 13, 2019
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