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Introductory Q&A

This short question and answer page introduces SQRL's primary concepts, features and benefits for those who are not yet familiar with it.
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  1. SQRL users obtain SQRL apps for their devices. Free apps exist for all devices.
  2. Using a SQRL app, a master identity is created and shared among the devices. Websites which support SQRL logon trigger the app to securely identify the user.
  3. SQRL identities are anonymous and SQRL provides a different anonymous identity to every website. So SQRL identities cannot be used to track you.

  • SQRL is free. No one pays anyone for anything ever.
  • SQRL is open and available. Anyone can use it, create apps and enhance websites.
  • SQRL is secure. Websites never have secrets to keep, so it doesn't matter if they are ever hacked. The user's identity remains safe no matter what.
  • SQRL replaces usernames, eMail, passwords, authenticators and everything else. Once you have introduced a website to your SQRL identity, SQRL is all you'll ever need... with nothing for you to remember.
Websites only need the ability to verify a visitor's identity. With SQRL, that's the only thing websites are able to do. With old-fashioned passwords, websites must keep those passwords secret. SQRL gives websites no secrets to keep. So it no longer matters if a website gets hacked. With SQRL, websites have nothing to lose.
Yes... or your fingerprint or your face or whatever. And only because you don't want someone else using your SQRL app without your permission. SQRL logs onto websites for you and as you. Therefore, only you should be able to use your SQRL app. So the SQRL app has a password that only you know so that only you can use it. If your device offers a secure biometric (fingerprint, facial recognition, voiceprint or whatever) then that can be used instead. We only want to be sure that someone else isn't using your app behind your back.

And consider this: In a world with SQRL, you only have one password to remember: the one you use to unlock SQRL. And you will never need to change your password unless you wish to. If a website gets hacked you don't need to change your password there, because there is no password there.
A 2-party solution uses no middleman. It's just you and a website. With SQRL there's no one else you need to trust. No one who needs to behave themselves. No one to be hacked. No one for any government to force to turn over your identity. And websites cannot reveal who you are from your SQRL identity because your identity is just a string of random text which is different for every website. So no two websites can tell you're the same person.
The creation of a complete, safe and reliable system required many pieces to fit together just right. And many of those pieces did not exist. It took five years. And there's no money in it. There can't be. Because truly revolutionizing Internet logon by eliminating usernames and passwords must be free for everyone to use. The only ones who should profit are SQRL users and websites who can now securely and reliably identify each other. Many companies have created private and proprietary 'just trust us' solutions. And they wanted to sell their solution. But this is too important for anyone to own. It needed to be free and belong to everyone. Now it does.
Click this: Getting Started With SQRL link for the next page where you can watch some videos, grab some SQRL apps, create your SQRL identity, and logon to some websites! :)

And thank you for your interest. If you're blown away, help us to spread the word. Ask the websites you use to support SQRL logon so you can ditch those antiquated passwords, password managers, one-time authenticators, and all of the other BandAids we have all grown far too accustomed to using and needing!
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    Feb 22, 2019
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