Getting Started With SQRL

If you are new to SQRL, this page will help to get you started.
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    Welcome to the SQRL Forums!
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SQRL: Getting Started Guide
If you are new to SQRL and curious... you've found the right page!

What exactly IS SQRL?
SQRL is a system to completely replace the usernames, passwords and eMail addresses commonly used for logging into websites. It requires the use of a SQRL app which first creates and then securely contains and presents your unique SQRL identity to any website which supports SQRL logon.

Watching SQRL operate might be helpful!
The following user-created videos may give you a sense for the SQRL experience so that you'll know what to expect:

Where do I get a SQRL app?
SQRL apps are available for all operating systems and devices:

  • SQRL for Android by Daniel Persson (Google Play)
  • SQRL for iOS by Jeff Arthur (Get for iOS)
  • SQRL browser extension for Firefox and Chrome by Jaap (At Github)
  • SQRL for Windows by Steve Gibson (GRC) (Pre-release)

Okay, I've got my SQRL client and I've created my identity, so now what?
Use your SQRL identity by logging into and creating accounts here:

Then hang out here, poke around these forums, and learn more about SQRL!
Everyone here hopes that SQRL is the future. We hope you will, too!  Join us.
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    Feb 7, 2019
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