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    wordpress in subdir

    I get this: Notice: Undefined index: err in /customers/c/1/7/<mydomain>/httpd.www/<subDir>/wp-content/plugins/sqrl-login/sqrl-login.php on line 655 Notice: Undefined index: err in /customers/c/1/7/<mydomain>/httpd.www/<subDir>/wp-content/plugins/sqrl-login/sqrl-login.php on line 658 Warning...
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    wordpress in subdir

    I see that i get an error on the user page where you associate the account. But not on the one that works Notice: WP_User->id was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.1.0! Use WP_User->ID instead. in /customers/c/1/7/dir/www/subDir/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4652...
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    wordpress in subdir

    Hi! I have to wordpress installs (both fully updated), one in <mydomain>.com and one in <mydomain>.com/<subfolder> The first one works fine but the one that is installed in a sub folder i get the following error: Any idea? Tore
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    Error on profile page

    Hi I get this message: And i get an (fixed the path to scarmle my server details) And i get a "website sqrl protocol error" when trying to login to my site... Regards Tore
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    Wordpress SQRL login

    This is a must for adoption. I am trying to show people the benefit and ease of use, and it would be great to be able to implement this in WordPress...