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    I'm confused, is the SSP server the SQRL server or the Web Server?

    Depends what you mean by back channel. If you mean SQRL Client <-> SQRL Server - Yes If you mean Web Server <-> SQRL Server - No At least that's how I understand it, but keep in mind I'm Mr. Newbie might build a python SQRL Server.
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    Videos demonstrating SQRL

    Thanks for clearing that up. Umm err this is awkward. I'd never allow a paper copy of my password. I'd put it in keepass and share that file with my phone via syncthing or something like that. It's a little disconcerting that my identity so easily displayed in all the web plugins & the...
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    Videos demonstrating SQRL

    tldr: How should I handle the security of the identity? Like an id_rsa or file(s)? Is it just me or is there a key "Hey don't do this" is missing from the videos? Am I supposed to keep the identity string (the big 87 character string) a secret? It seems like an file/key...
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    Version 0.0.41 is uploaded to Firefox and Chrome

    Seems to work for me. I used it to import an identity on my phone and logged in to here with it.
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    I'm confused, is the SSP server the SQRL server or the Web Server?

    TLDR: If the SQRL client has to connect the SQRL server what port is that supposed to be? Is the SQRL Server supposed to be listening on 2 different ports at the same time, 1 for SQRL client connections and one for Web Server (private:55219) connections? What box in the image is the SSP...
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    How do you install on your own server?

    Is there a simple how-to on getting this set up for your own sites? I wouldn't mind implementing it for my sites. I'm mostly interested in server-side stuff.