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    Is there an ability to use a predefined username/association?

    I work for a company that makes a program that allows people to login. I create an account in our program and then tell the person their username and password. I know that's insecure. My question is, if the program gets SQRL integration, how would it associate with the account permissions I...
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    Extend the timeout period?

    Didn't think to set it to one character. And I set it to 1440, but I didn't think to set it to a week.
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    Extend the timeout period?

    I get that, but I always lock my screen, and would trust Android's USB prompt. My thought is for something like that picture password thing. Picture password is secure enough that even if someone looks at my screen as I enter it, it's still secure. Could get multiple prompts too, but easier...
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    Extend the timeout period?

    I'm not sure if there's a thread for this already, but is there a way I can extend the timeout period? As in the time between having to enter my password and fingerprint? Or even just borrow "picture password" like blackberry had to make password entry easier?