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    GRC's SQRL Client for Windows, v1.0: Released

    I was probably one of those 5 people. Semantic Endpoint Protection (SEP) allows you to examine the quarantined files and restore them to the disk. When you do that it gives you an option to add that file to the exception list. This sounds great, but it doesn't work well in practice, because...
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    SQRL client feature comparison

    That's nice, but not enough. WINE has security issues. I would preferentially desire to avoid installing WINE on my Linux systems. The situation right now seems to be that no one is interested in developing a FULL Linux implementation of SQRL. I would love to take on a project like this, but...
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    Updated to 70 No issues.

    Semantic Endpoint Protection (SEP) must still be disabled to allow updating to version 70
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    Suggest adding link to download instead of update

    While updating via SQRL auto-update feature, Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) blocks the update, and quarantines all the files. This happens because sqrl.exe and sqrl-installer.exe (and sqrl-fork.exe) do not yet have a reputation. Everytime this happens I need to go find the file, download...
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    We're at Release #68 (release candidate 3)

    SOLVED: I disabled Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) again - and this time it worked. I think maybe when I said I had disabled it that it was not really disabled. --- Update #68 appears to work, but does not. still stuck at #67. I think it has something to do with Symantec Endpoint...
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    SQRL client feature comparison

    The Linux column seems to be lacking in features. this is sad because I use Linux at home. of course, i also use android, so i could stick to the android client for authentication .. but still ... is the table being kept up to date?
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    Daily use with Multiple Identities vs. Alternate Identity

    Re: Multiple Identity Use Cases. I frequently use "Alter Egos" on the same website. There are cases where I want to login to the same site with different credentials. For instance, I use one gmail account strictly for interaction with financial institutions - my banks, credit cards, 401k...
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    Here's what happened with Release #65... (we're NOW at #66!)

    I just discovered that Symantec Endpoint Protection is quarantining the installer (version 66). I was able to manually create an exclusion - and now it installs.
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    Alternate ID name?

    In my opinion, using Alternate IDs is perfectly acceptable. I have multiple accounts on many different websites - I refer to these as Alter Egos. Without the availability of Alternate IDs, I would need to create multiple identities in SQRL. This should definitely be discouraged. The only way...
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    Pasting the password

    As of the NEXT version of Android (Q-something) apps will no longer be able to capture the clipboard. Perhaps it would be useful to allow copy and pasting from LastPass on that version ... I also had to change my password from something long and unmemorable to something else (still long, but...