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    How do Apple PassKeys compare to SQRL?

    That's good to know and hear, Jeff! Yay!
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    How do Apple PassKeys compare to SQRL?

    ... And I talked about it again, this (#875) week. I think that I finally made the differences between SQRL and FIDO2 (passkeys) much more clear: FIDO2 is a replacement (a very good replacement) for traditional username/password logon. With FIDO, rather than the user and a website needing to...
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    SQRL OAuth 2.0 Provider

    Thanks Paul!
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    SQRL OAuth 2.0 Provider

    Hi "n333" — I just tried logging out and back in with SQRL — worked perfectly for me! :)
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    Note, also, that, if it's of use to you, you can link back from your SQRLforNet domain to this forum with this static link:
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    Thanks, Vela! And, yes, Liam... you are a full moderator here. This place is yours. Please feel free to delete this posting and Vela's (I'm sure he won't mind) once you have seen them. There's really no need to retain housekeeping posts that are not of broad interest. :) Thanks THANK YOU...
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    Good idea! After Trip Report and Future

    Everyone, Okay. Mission(s) accomplished! The SQRL OWASP presentations in Dublin, Ireland and Gothenburg, Sweden, and the LogMeIn/LastPass Identity panel in Boston all went very well. The high points for me were the opportunities to spend quality time hanging out with Jeff Arthur, who flew to...
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    Slack Channel for SQRL Developers

    That'll be great, Vela, since you and others will be able to let me know what I have forgotten to spell out clearly! :) I'm getting close to finishing the "implementation" guide, which is the 2nd of 3 documents. I cannot work on it until after tomorrow's podcast, but I hope to have it wrapped...
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    Final Weeks of Pre-Release Tracking

    It does sound as though I ought to put the .sqrl file extension back on the end of the user removes any. I don't want to take too much control away from the user, but what Michael did seems like an easily-fixed glitch. :)
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    Videos demonstrating SQRL

    @the7erm : I think the bit you are missing is that all identities everywhere are ALWAYS encrypted. Paul's point was to avoid sharing your identity in the interest of prudence. But it doesn't really matter if it is displayed. Consequently, exporting the identity doesn't require the password or...
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    Translation of GRC (and possibly other) SQRL clients

    Yes, Fabrice! I have not wanted to do this prematurely until the app's text had all been settled upon. I would prefer not to try everyone's patience. And, also, I am 100% certain that there will be many problems associated with the application of many of these different languages. Character...
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    Final Weeks of Pre-Release Tracking

    Ah. Yes. I see what you mean. :)
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    Final Weeks of Pre-Release Tracking

    Happily that was almost certainly a one time mistake. I don't expect that to ever occur again. But, I agree... if it should happen again I'll make a note like that. At the time I DID have a full width, unavoidable banner across the top of the page that needed to be dismissed by the user. It...
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    SQRL client feature comparison

    Perfect!!!! :)
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    Final Weeks of Pre-Release Tracking

    I don't think so, Dave. That would have been "by design" when I turned off the "Dev" mode features. SO that would have been expected. The items I'm listing here are fixes to things that were not expected! :-|