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    Admin Request: Scrolling of Sub-Menu Bar

    Okay! Done!! :)
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    Admin Request: Scrolling of Sub-Menu Bar

    Yeah... that's putting it mildly!! I REALLY and TRULY wish that I could be everywhere at once. But there's just no possibility for me to take time away from the work toward SpinRite. So... I SO MUCH appreciate all of the support that you guys are able to provide where I'm unable to. Paul: I...
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    Can and X params in qry server response?

    Jason! I saw your successful posting to grc.test. You've got a newsreader configured correctly! Come on over to grc.sqrl and say hi! :) And... welcome!! :)
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    Can and X params in qry server response?

    Hey Jason! Welcome!! Vela and Liam made me aware of your postings here. I created these forums primarily for user-facing discussion. It's great if developers wish to use them also for interaction, but I cannot be here as well as everywhere else. ANd the operation of these forums doesn't fit...
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    What encoding format is the client & server post values?

    Guys... Paul (@PHolder) pointed me to this conversation. I like "SQRLPack". Early on the decision was made to stick with the very simple format used by HTTP POST bodies. The reason was so that unprivileged PHP would be able to obtain the "name=value" pairs by name which, amazingly, is the only...
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    Note, also, that, if it's of use to you, you can link back from your SQRLforNet domain to this forum with this static link:
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    Thanks, Vela! And, yes, Liam... you are a full moderator here. This place is yours. Please feel free to delete this posting and Vela's (I'm sure he won't mind) once you have seen them. There's really no need to retain housekeeping posts that are not of broad interest. :) Thanks THANK YOU...
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    SSP API ISAPI download

    I apologize for my tardiness with this. In general, I'm much less present here in the SQRL forums than in GRC's original NNTP newsgroups, though even there I've been absent until recently. At the moment I'm juggling too many competing priorities, but I'm making progress on multiple fronts, and...
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    Good idea! After Trip Report and Future

    Everyone, Okay. Mission(s) accomplished! The SQRL OWASP presentations in Dublin, Ireland and Gothenburg, Sweden, and the LogMeIn/LastPass Identity panel in Boston all went very well. The high points for me were the opportunities to spend quality time hanging out with Jeff Arthur, who flew to...
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    fantastic! now make it work with the beta iOS sqrl client on "account association"

    Daniel: There's no reason to have =any= error correction in an on-screen QR Code. I have =none= in mine. Error correction is needed for the case of printed QR codes where some of the code space might be missing or torn or smudged or something. But our screens are going to produce picture...
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    Import Identity from Text question

    The first item on my next release for GRC's client is "Allow pasting a textual identity into the identity import." We already have copying the textual identity to the clipboard. So allowing the reverse makes a lot of sense. And, Alan, note that textual identities never include the encrypted...
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    Client implementation questions

    Ah, I understand. I'm delighted that you're onto a iOS/macOS client! Yay!!!
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    Client implementation questions

    @AmyH ... Not quite sure what you mean by that one, Amy. The Alt-ID string, IF non-empty, is concatenated to the end of the effective domain name (domain name + possible extension) with a single intervening null joiner. So: {effective domain name} + 0x0 + {Alt-ID}. So an "empty" Alt-ID...
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    SQRL login not working on forums

    @yzahn ... I forgot to mention... if you turn off "Screen Darkening" in the options your life will be MUCH easier of the client does during an authentication with the screen dark. You won't get locked out! :)