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    I'll be presenting SQRL at OWASP meetings in Dublin, Ireland and Gothenburg, Sweden.

    RayG : FYI att email service has changed my account and now requires a "secure email key" (which, by the way, att generates for me and is about 30 characters). The upshot is that my old password still gets me onto the web email site, but the new key is now required by my local email app. So...
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    Import Identity from Text question

    For the GRC Windows client, you can copy the identity text to the clipboard from the Backup/Export Identity screen.
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    New feature proposal: save Alternative ID name in application

    Family life can get complicated. I will need two Alt-IDs for my kids school lunch accounts, Sarah and Gracie. I will need two more for my students at Northwestern, James and Robert. And I will need three for Mom and Dad and Uncle Jim at the old folks home. Their names will be my Alt-ids...
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    Feature completeness

    Today the issue is feature completeness. Tomorrow, IMHO, the issue will be feature "creep." One of our talented developers will suggest a compelling feature and we will re-convene here to discuss. And hopefully this forum will yield a good and reasonable answer. And Steve's next version will...
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    Release v0.7.0

    Logged into repnet a moment ago. Came up as user_(long number).
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    Release v0.6.4

    Well, now I can login to repnet as a user_(long number). Something got fixed.
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    Release v0.6.4

    Same response as Peter Smith, above. GRC client, old faithful identity.
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    GRC's SQRL Client for Windows, v1.0: Released

    I keep a copy of rmsqrl.exe around for SQRL cleanup purposes. I am never sure what Windows uninstall is going to do. But I'm sure rmsqrl.exe does the trick.
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    GRC's SQRL Client for Windows, v1.0: Released

    I'm running on release track. No problems encountered. Go SQRL!
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    SQRL Signing Update

    Also done. MS comment was sort of Yeah, yeah, we'll think about it.
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    Off topic Extending the feature-set of sqrl

    Why not extend that to allow users to sign actions so that the action can be attributed to the user? Any interaction such as payments or social media posts could be 'signed' in order to verify that a (specific) unique user was responsible. Or vote.
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    Here's what happened with Release #65... (we're NOW at #66!)

    Manual install not working. I cannot find a Win 10 setting for Windows Defender to whitelist SQRL.exe downloads or even disable entirely. If anyone can give me a hint how to proceed, I would appreciate it.
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    Here's what happened with Release #65... (we're NOW at #66!)

    I wish I could join all the happy stories, but I still cannot download manually. The message that prevents sqrl.exe from downloading is from Windows Defender Smart Screen. I'll go look into disabling Smart Screen or Windows Defender.
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    Failure to update

    My download was blocked by Windows Defender Smart Screen. Win10 32 Home Edge