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    Videos demonstrating SQRL

    The website needs to support SQRL first, which would be good for the website - eventually (no more passwords to be stolen). If you happen to know the website admin/authority, perhaps you could point them here (for details on how to implement on the server side) and ask them to add SQRL to the...
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    Bare Metal SQRL

    The SQRL Server - would be an HTTPS interface to services running on the IOT. This would store public keys in NVM, with associated permissions. Remember that SQRL only replaces the username/password exchange. Once logged in, SQRL has nothing left to do, that is then between the server and...
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    New user's opinion about SQRL in 2020

    Some implementations already exist see There are also test sites to verify your code and also the SQRL API. Depending on what you are implementing, there may be already some code in existence on github at that you can...
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    FaceID + WebAuth built in to iOS14.

    Is that the anonymous face you use, or the one that positively identifies you? For the FaceID - Alternative id, do you wear glasses and a false nose?
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    SQRL doesn't require a third party to authenticate with, so anything that mentions "our server", or cloud service, is using a third party to hold YOUR ID. Your SQRL ID is encrypted on the SQRL client. The two bits of information you are asked to "print/save" when you create the ID are your...
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    Windows Testing Feedback

    Just to confirm the above was from me.
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    Windows Testing Feedback

    I have a fresh install of Windows 10 Home edition and I am going to try the install again there - I had similar problems to those above, so I was waiting for an update. I will also try using PSR (Problem Steps Recorder) that comes with Windows to record all the key presses, so that it is...
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    Linux Testing Feedback

    It was the installer itself being run from the directory that it was installing into. Lookup the strace and ltrace commands on Linux (default install) - you may find them useful - especially when trying to work out why something crashed.
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    Linux Testing Feedback

    @Alan M Cameron Yes there is a new beta version. You get a "core dump" when you run the installer from the ~/SQRL directory: cd ~ wget ~$ ./SQRLPlatformAwareInstaller_linux I have just...
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    Linux Testing Feedback

    @Alan M Cameron, it looks like that worked, but you still have a problem. In the logs it indicates SQLite Error 8: 'attempt to write a readonly database'. (@ahauser just posted a reply to try with sudo) You should be able to verify this and subsequently resolve this with the following...
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    Linux Testing Feedback

    I think I understand the symptoms and for a browser to understand what to do with SQRL as a protocol, then (at least for Firefox), shouldn't the network.protocol-handler.external.sqrl be defined (in about:config). One problem that I have seen is that the install does not put the needed files...
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    Linux Testing Feedback

    I have tried test presented on the news group and I can reproduce the symptoms. However, you do see a response from the "Sign in with SQRL" page - IF you select open link in new tab. This suggests that the setup you have suggested here will only run the test, when the SQRL:// is kicked into...
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    Linux Testing Feedback

    I have also tried it on 18.04.04 and 19.04 both 64 bit versions, but not extensively - I will consider and look into the following: Does the number of tabs open make a difference? Is it the 32bit or 64bit OS version that has this problem or both? Is the browser a 32bit version running on 64bit...
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    Closed How to get started if I want to include a client-side SQRL login as part of my application?

    This is very true, eventually. The original intent was for SQRL to sit alongside existing website authentication, providing the user with a choice to use or not. I like that you intend to require SQRL use. However, just so that you are aware, there are settings within the client that...
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    New User I Have Questions

    FYI - Each SQRL client CAN have a different password set - that is user choice, it is assumed that you have the same password in both and not "password" and "Password" or some such? There is another thread that discusses these options. To reset a password for your ID, you can use the rescue...